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The Stamurai Advantage
Most speech therapists rarely see cases of stuttering (less than 3 per year), which means they are not well equipped with the knowledge to treat stuttering. All therapists at Stamurai are specially trained for fluency disorders ensuring you receive treatment from therapists specialised in stuttering.
Stuttering treatment is filled with patients who are perfectly fluent in the therapy room with the therapist. But fail to generalise the treatment outside the treatment room. Stamurai ensures you carry over the gains in real life situations with unlimited group calls with strangers and structured situations practice with role play.
Therapists at Stamurai are regularly trained on the latest evidence based practices, ensuring you are treated with the latest techniques and strategies known to have lasting effects with least effort.
Did you know that 80% people treated for stuttering relapse after therapy? With the Stamurai app, therapy never really 'ends'. With continued practice, you can maintain the gains for your lifetime.
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What People Say About Us
Deals with stammering, introduction, why it happens, various techniques to curb it. All are perfectly described in this app. Also the video conferences with other persons in this app has instilled a lot of confidence in me.
Chetan Pandey
Any Questions?

Would I be able to cure my stuttering?

Cure is the wrong word. The aim of modern speech therapy is to develop correct speech. It is a subtle difference but important nonetheless.

Are stuttering and stammering the same?

Yes they are the same.

After gaining spontaneous fluency, are there chances of relapse?

Fluency, as an acquired skill, can't be taken for granted by the person who stutters. Many occasions of speech would be faced with challenges. So even after you have attained spontaneous fluency, a review of 20 minutes each day of the techniques will help you manage your stutter.

How much time will it take for it to work?

It depends vastly on the severity of stuttering and on how much you practice. Broadly it can take about 6 months to become confident in most situations. You should definitely start seeing improvements within 1 month.

I don't stutter alone. So how do I practice?

Most people who stutter, don't stutter when alone. To simulate the stress of real world speaking situations, we conduct regular group calls with users of the app. You can practice your speech with them. It's also a fun way of meeting new people and making friends who 'get it'.

What is the clinical name for the therapy I would be undergoing?

The therapy is an integration of 'Stuttering Modification' and 'Fluency Shaping', the two most popular therapy techniques.
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