Express Feelings With Confidence
A Mobile app to help you learn and practice speech therapy exercises for stuttering
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Express Feelings With Confidence
How It Works
20 Minutes A Day
20 Minutes A Day
Spend 20-40 minutes a day practicing various speech therapy exercises in the app
Gain Understanding
Gain Understanding
Develop insights into stuttering and your speech mechanism. Overcome fear and anxiety with real life practice.
Develop Correct Speech
Develop Correct Speech
Increase fluency, reduce secondary behaviors, learn to live confidently. Fight stuttering, become a Stamurai.
Amazing Features
Mobile App
Amazing Features

Customised training plans, speech exercises, guided meditations for stress relief, counselling tools based on CBT and group calls for real life practice - the Stamurai app has it all.

With over 30+ tools to help you fight stuttering, Stamurai is the only friend you need to become a confident speaker.

What People Say About Us
Deals with stammering, introduction, why it happens, various techniques to curb it. All are perfectly described in this app. Also the video conferences with other persons in this app has instilled a lot of confidence in me.
Chetan Pandey
Any Questions?

Would I be able to cure my stuttering?

Cure is the wrong word. The aim of modern speech therapy is to develop correct speech. It is a subtle difference but important nonetheless.

Are stuttering and stammering the same?

Yes they are the same.

After gaining spontaneous fluency, are there chances of relapse?

Fluency, as an acquired skill, can't be taken for granted by the person who stutters. Many occasions of speech would be faced with challenges. So even after you have attained spontaneous fluency, a review of 20 minutes each day of the techniques will help you manage your stutter.

How much time will it take for it to work?

It depends vastly on the severity of stuttering and on how much you practice. Broadly it can take about 6 months to become confident in most situations. You should definitely start seeing improvements within 1 month.

I don't stutter alone. So how do I practice?

Most people who stutter, don't stutter when alone. To simulate the stress of real world speaking situations, we conduct regular group calls with users of the app. You can practice your speech with them. It's also a fun way of meeting new people and making friends who 'get it'.

What is the clinical name for the therapy I would be undergoing?

The therapy is an integration of 'Stuttering Modification' and 'Fluency Shaping', the two most popular therapy techniques.
The stutterer must conquer his own problems - no one else can do the job for him.
Van Riper
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Stamurai has been used by more than 50,000 people from over 190 countries.
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