Learn how to fight Stuttering

Speech Therapy app designed for people who stutter

Why Speech Therapy?

Like an iceberg, the outward manifestations of stuttering are nothing compared to the fear, guilt and shame it provokes in it's victims. But all this is unnecessary. There is a way out, and we can help you - the Stamurai, find it!

If you are like many of the 80 million stutterers in the world, adequate clinical treatment will not be available to you. Whatever you do you'll have to be pretty much on your own with what ideas and resources you can use.

- Joseph Sheehan

Welcome Stamurai!

Personal speech therapist in your pocket.

Instructional Videos

Learn therapy exercises via instructional videos

Read aloud, record and playback


Monitor your daily progress


Focus on individual sounds, particularly difficult ones

Words which you fear, so we can analyse the sounds which you have difficulty with


Help is available at the touch of a button.

How It Works

40 Mins a Day

Spend 20-40 minutes each day doing various speech therapy exercises in the app.

Gain Understanding

Learn therapy exercises via instructional videos to understand how to counter stuttering.

Develop Correct Speech

Use the new found understanding to develop the correct way of speaking & implement it in real life.

You are in Great Company

Some famous people who stutter and have conquered it.

Hrithik Roshan


Jack Welch

CEO, General Electric

Nicole Kidman


Tiger Woods


Joe Biden


Bill Walton

Basketball Player

The stutterer must conquer his own problems - no one else can do the job for him.

- Van Riper

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I be able to cure my stuttering?

Cure is the wrong word. The aim of modern speech therapy is to develop correct speech. It is a subtle difference but important nonetheless.

Is there an iOS app as well?

It is next on our To Do list and should be out soon.

After gaining spontaneous fluency, are there chances of relapse?

Fluency, as an acquired skill, can't be taken for granted by the stutterer. Many occasions of speech would be faced with challenges. So even after you have attained spontaneous fluency, a review of 20 minutes each day of the techniques will keep you fluent.

How much time will it take for it to work?

It depends vastly on the severity of stuttering and on how much you practice. Broadly it can take about 6 months to attain spontaneous fluency. You should definitely start seeing improvements wthin 1 month.

I don't stutter alone. So how do I practice?

Most stutterers don't stutter alone. We are soon launching audio calls so you can practice with others in the app. For now you can use voluntary stuttering.

What is the clinical name for the therapy I would be undergoing?

The therapy is an integration of 'Stuttering Modification' and 'Fluency Shaping', the two most popular therapy techniques.