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Why Stamurai

Custom matched therapists, hassle free scheduling, home practice assignments and much more with Stamurai

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Easy Scheduling
Available nights and weekends. Schedule as per your convenience. Free cancellations.
Home Practice
Access engaging activities between sessions for faster progress. Parent coaching is also provided.
How it Works

Tell us about your needs, get matched with a therapist and attend your first free session. That’s all it takes to get started.

Amazing Features
Book Free Demo
Schedule your free demo session by filling a simple form telling us about yourself.
Therapist Matching
We’ll match you with a specialized therapist who is the the perfect fitfor your needs.
Live Weekly Sessions
Online sessions over Zoom. Therapist texting, parent coaching and regular homework assignments provided.

We provide treatment for all communication needs and for all age groups.

Speech Delay
Child is not speaking or using minimal words
Language Disorders
Children face difficulties in using or understanding words
Repetitions, prolongations or blocks on certain sounds
Articulation Disorders
Trouble pronouncing certain consonant sounds
Voice Disorders
Quality, pitch or volume of voiceis affected
Any many more!
Pricing and Packages
8 Sessions
Free cancellations and pro rated refunds
4 Sessions
Free cancellations and pro rated refunds
Reviews And Ratings
My therapist is the best! She was able to connect with my son and get to know him better. My kiddo looks forward to his sessions and we have been able to see large improvements in a short period of time. Thank you so much!
Tracy Llewin
Tracy Llewin
I have faced a stutter in my entire life, but haven’t found a therapist supportive enough to get down to my level and understand the emotional impact it has had on me. Every week I felt improvements in my speech and am growing to become a confident version of myself.
Stan Ling
Stan Ling
I have an 8 year old hyperactive kiddo. My therapist has found ways to engage him with interactive games and intelligent rewards. We have seen improvements and fun at the same time.
Emily Herman
Emily Herman
I am fortunate to have found a therapist who works with me and has a flexible schedule. It feels like she really cares and is not just a profession for has only been a few sessions and it already feels like i am a changed person.
James Tran
James Tran
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