Should You Accept Your Stuttering? Yes, Absolutely

by Team Stamurai

For a kid, stuttering may or may not cause a significant emotional impact. Since it is common, and most kids do not have any inhibitions, their daily lives are typically the same. And, all the more, the parents would work with them day in and day out to help them cope up, practice, and take them to speech therapy. But, when you are a teen, young, or even an older adult, stuttering may hold you back from your day to day life. While that’s not the only reason, it will also keep you back from doing things you love.

Why You Should Accept Your Stuttering?

  • Open to a World of Possibility: When you accept that stuttering is a part of life, you can do anything you want. Did you want to be a part of a college club? Do you want to hang out with your colleagues after work? All you need to do is clear your schedule.
  • Understand People Better: Stuttering sometimes can be a lonely world. And, even when people try and help you by saying things like ‘Hey relax, take a break’ or ‘Just accept the way you are’ can be hurtful. But when you adjust your attitude and have a conversation with them, you might realize that the issue was in your head than their mind. It will help you connect with your people and form long- term relationships.
  • Lessen Your Anxiety: If you have been taking therapies and working on your speech every day, it adds extra tension on you to perform well all the time. Your thoughts may range from ‘If I don’t do that, people will know I stutter.’ Hiding from people continually can be exhausting. Once you let go, your anxiety will come down, thereby reducing the stutter.
  • Reduces the Pressure to Be Perfect: It is in continuation of the previous point. Your constant need to be perfect and in sync is a myth. Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt, Nicole Kidman, Ed Sheeran, Shaquille O’Neal have battled stuttering at some point. And, once you start connecting, you will also find people who are similar to you.

Ways to Accept Stuttering

Ways to accept your stuttering

There are many ways to accept your stuttering. There are no right or wrong ways about it. It depends on person to person and their ways to cope with it. Some of them include:

Wear a Pin: The stutter association gives out a pin to wear them as a badge on your dresses and bags. You can wear them to publicly talk about it or make yourself visible for people who need to connect.

Find a Support Group: The best way to talk about your feelings and accept the issue is to find a support group. By that, you will come across other’s experience and how they deal with it, which in turn gives you the boost to handle your issues. In support groups, you can also make a like-minded friend.

Speech Therapy: Speech therapy is the most common way to combat stuttering. But, gone are those days where you need to take time and rearrange your entire day to visit a therapist. You can now download the Stamurai app to practice your speech therapy daily based on when you are free. You can also connect with us on social media and join our online community.

Accept your stuttering might be a huge milestone and scary. But, it will only make you more genuine and sincere.

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