Stammering therapy techniques for children & adults. Explore the latest stuttering treatment approaches & stammering therapy that can help you improve fluency.

Yoga for stammering or stuttering

Yoga for stuttering: yoga should be part of your speech therapy

Yoga is becoming incredibly popular across the globe with the stress levels mounting due to the pandemic. Lots of people who are...
Medicine for Stammering

Is there a stuttering medicine available right now?

Stuttering has been present across almost every culture with similar incidence and prevalence. In the early days of medical sciences, experts considered...
How to stop stammering

How to stop stuttering?

Everyone who is trying to come to terms with their stuttering share a common dream – one day they will wake up...
Singing as a treatment for stuttering

Stuttering and Singing : What we understand

What's common between Elvis Presley, Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran, besides their undeniable talent for music? They were and are prolific singers...
Stammering - Exercises for Children

Five stuttering exercises to help your child

“Oh, you should just speak slowly”, “maybe it’s the anxiety getting to you” and hundreds of similar unwanted comments follow whenever someone...
Stammering and bullying

Reining in the Bullies

An act of aggression need not be verbal or physical to be bullying. It can be a vindictive, non-verbal act of condescension...
Stammering treatment - Do you stutter?

Understand Stuttering Treatment

What is the treatment for stuttering?Do you stutter? Or, is it your child, who's showing symptoms of stammering?...

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