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Stuttering doesn’t define you, but denial makes it worse. Embrace your stammer. Grow as a person by understanding & exploring stuttering treatments for adults.

Positive Aspects of Stammering

The Positive Aspects of Stuttering

Not being able to say what you want to say is bad enough! Sometimes, this includes one’s name, address, and contact number.
Understanding stammering and shame in children

Stuttering in Children : Understanding Shame

Case 1Ever since he was a child, he was aware of his stuttering. So much so, that...
Stammering treatment for adults

Stuttering treatment for adults

Characteristics of stuttering in adults are typically very different from those in children. While adults who stutter also exhibit repetitions, blocks and...
What is stammering/stuttering

Stuttering – Symptoms, Causes and Therapy

Stuttering definition - in simple wordsIt is true that each one of us faces some form of disfluency...

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