Information is power, especially when a disorder like stuttering attracts bullying, criticism, mockery and discrimination. Find support right when you need it!

Parental Guide to PreSchool Stuttering

Stuttering in Preschool Kids: What a Parent Should Do

Stuttering in preschool kids is common. This guide sheds light on what you as a parent should do if you notice signs of stuttering in your toddler.
Cellular causes of stuttering

Cellular Causes of Stuttering in Adults and Children

For years researchers have been trying to find the neurological cause of stuttering. Experts have determined discrepancies in the neural circuits within...
What employers should know about people who stutter

What employers should know about candidates who stutter

Stuttering is a chronic fluency disorder that affects more than 70 million people worldwide. You may have this communication disorder, or you...
Yoga for stammering or stuttering

Yoga for stuttering: yoga should be part of your speech therapy

Yoga is becoming incredibly popular across the globe with the stress levels mounting due to the pandemic. Lots of people who are...
Changing the perception about stuttering

Changing the perception about stuttering: 5 tips for talking to someone...

Most of you have found Stamurai because you stutter, or you want to help a friend or family member who does. Speech...
Accept your stammer

Should You Accept Your Stuttering? Yes, Absolutely

For a kid, stuttering may or may not cause a significant emotional impact. Since it is common, and most kids do not...
Degrees of stuttering severity

Understanding Degrees of Stuttering Severity

Different people who stutter will certainly differ in terms of the severity of the condition. Moreover, the severity of the impediment can...
Why don't we stutter when alone?

Why don’t we stutter when talking alone?

A very recent study by Russian psychiatrists shows that 62.57% of the English speaking participants do not stutter when speaking alone in...
Help your child's stutter during lockdown

Help your child’s stutters during this never-ending lockdown?

The lockdown and self-quarantine have brought forth several changes for people. These changes are especially pronounced for households with children.
Stuttering relapse after speech therapy

High Relapse After Stuttering Speech Therapy : Understanding the reason

Stuttering is classified as a speech disorder. People who stutter usually repeat sounds, syllables, and words. Or they tend to have uneven...

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