What causes stuttering in children & adults? Are there different types of stuttering? Neurogenic & psychogenic stuttering – how to face the challenges?

Stuttering relapse after speech therapy

High Relapse After Stuttering Speech Therapy : Understanding the reason

Stuttering is classified as a speech disorder. People who stutter usually repeat sounds, syllables, and words. Or they tend to have uneven...
Understanding stammering and shame in children

Stuttering in Children : Understanding Shame

Case 1Ever since he was a child, he was aware of his stuttering. So much so, that...
Stammering and bullying

Reining in the Bullies

An act of aggression need not be verbal or physical to be bullying. It can be a vindictive, non-verbal act of condescension...
Stammering misconceptions

Stuttering – Some Common Misconceptions?

Did you know that over 70 million people worldwide are stutterers? That amounts up to one in 100. And in the US...
Stammering and its emotional consequences

The Lasting Effects of Stuttering

Trauma leaves a mark. The feeling of being ‘different’ or being thought of as such, always leaves a mark. Multiple studies prove...

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