Stuttering relapse after speech therapy

High Relapse After Stuttering Speech Therapy : Understanding the reason

Stuttering is classified as a speech disorder. People who stutter usually repeat sounds, syllables, and words. Or they tend to have uneven...
Singing as a treatment for stuttering

Stuttering and Singing : What we understand

What's common between Elvis Presley, Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran, besides their undeniable talent for music? They were and are prolific singers...
Medicine for Stuttering

Medicine for Stuttering : What we know

Stuttering and other speech impediments are classified as neuropsychiatric disorders. And thus, significant research is directed towards the study of both the...

Cultural Awareness of Stuttering through “The King’s Speech”

A child who stutters takes his cues from his parents and authority figures in his/her life. If they have a practical and...

Yoga Cures Stuttering. Hoax or Fact?

Is yoga beneficial for someone who stutters? Yes. Does it cure stuttering? No. In a study conducted with a...

Is Stuttering Gender Specific?

Is stuttering gender specific? Yes. Well… it is certainly biased in terms to inheriting the condition, recovering from it, and social roles...

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